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Lever Flap Valve

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The Process Valve for which is poerated in the Iron Making plant to supply with hot blast air.
Lever Flap Valve(Two Lever Butterfly Vavle), mainly consisting of body, disc, multiple linkage, main shaft, drive unit. Lever Flap Valve, main fields of application is the gaseous media, especially high perating frequency.(Flow Isolation under quite low differential pressures up to approximately 0.2bar). Initial stage of opennng until closing stage, the disc moves parallel to the body seat providing a frictionc free disc operation.

Lever Flap Valve(Tow Lever Butterfly Valve)는 가스 유체의 차단 용도로 사용되며 작동빈도가 많은 설비에 적용됩니다. DISC가 열리는 시점에서 닫히는 시점까지 VALVE BODY와 평행하게 작동이 이루어지며 SESAT 마찰이 발생하지 않습니다.

Pressure Class
MAX 10kgf/cm2
Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic
Design Temp.
600℃ / Other Presure available upon request
  • Body/DiscCarbon Stem-Stainless Steel
  • SeatMetal, Elastomeric