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Dome Valve

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Dome Valve is applicable to use for most lines of dry powder and granular material. It is designed to isolate the material and maintain a pressure tight seal while also elminating any metal on metal contacting parts. Dome valves are capable of handling flying ash, abrasive, cohesive fulid, mineral/ores, ash, granules or powder.
The valve is designed to be sealed and completely closed by using inflatable gasket that is inflated by air supplied. This is why the valve torque is low.

Dome Valve는 유체의 종류가 분말 또는 입자가 작은 HCI(Hot Compact Iron)등의 유체 이송을 차단하는 밸브로 사용된다. 밸브 시트 구조상 Soft Seat가 공압에 의하여 부풀어올라 Sealing기능을 유지하며 공압을 제거후 seat내부의 압력을 제거한후 Valve가 닫히게 되기 때문에 매우 낮은 Torque값으로 조작할수 있다.

Pressure Class
MAX 6kgf/cm2
Manual, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
AMB ~ Max. 600℃
  • Body/DiscCarbon Steel with Coating
  • SeatMetal Seat, Soft Seat
- ZERO Leakage
- Easy and Self Alignment
- Dual Anti Dust Protection System
- Fast Seat Replacement Design