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Pressure Equalizing Valve

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The furnace top equalization back pressure valve is a valve that equalizes and controls the pressure when the raw materials are filled in the material hopper. This valve maintains its sealing role with frequent operation frequency under high temperature and high pressure fluid pressure conditions. The model number is DWV-XXX5013MHF. Depending on the purpose, “XXX” can be selected as PEV, DDV, GRV, or SRV.

노정 균배압 밸브는 Material Hopper에서 원료가 채월질때 압력의 균등화 및 제어 역활을 하는 밸브입니다. 고온, 고압의 유체 압력조건에 빈번한 작동 빈도로 Sealing역활을 유지 하는 밸브입니다. 모델번호는 DWV-XXX5013MHF, 용도에 따라 "XXX"를 PEV, DDV, GRV, SRV선정가능